About Us

From asking questions...to creating solutions together!

SELC Vision

We believe experiences that engage learners as real scientists and engineers in a collaborative learning community allows them to acquire the understandings, skills, and necessary habits of mind to develop the problem-solving dispositions needed for success in these fields.

We believe that this is best accomplished through a problem-based inquiry approach in which students investigate answers to questions and design solutions to problems. We accomplish this through a comprehensive sequence of integrated courses in science and engineering, occurring in flexible and adaptive spaces for support of multiple modalities of learning.

We believe that scientists and engineers need to be able to communicate their ideas clearly, embrace failure as a step toward innovation, work collaboratively and adapt to a changing world. To this end, the learning experiences of this program are enhanced by connecting students beyond the classroom to a wide range of challenge opportunities, to industry professionals, and to real problems in our community. We believe this promotes an authentic and relevant learning experience.

These methods provide the experiences necessary for students to explore and prepare for potential STEM-related careers. Ultimately, students will develop essential problem-solving skills they will use to identify real-world problems and design viable solutions.

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