Frequently Asked Questions

What courses make up the SELC?

The SELC is an integrated STEM program of study option for honors level Glenbrook South students who have identified themselves as students desiring to take integrated science and engineering coursework and for whom pursuing a STEM-related field in the future is a significant possibility. The pathway includes 4 years of science, 4 years of math, and 4 years of Project Lead the Way (PLTW) engineering culminating in the capstone Engineering Design & Development course in which students apply all prerequisite coursework to identify, design, and create a solution to a real-world engineering problem.

Is this the only STEM option at GBS?

No. GBS has many opportunities for students interested in STEM-related fields. The traditional science sequence has provided a strong background for students to become doctors, scientists, and every other career that is out there. Our PLTW honors engineering program is open to all students – both inside and outside of the SELC – and provides a sequence of engineering courses that allow students to explore and refine design and problem solving skills. Computer science opportunities and various design courses in technology as well as a rich array of math courses are also part of the curricular offerings at GBS. In addition, nearly a dozen STEM-related clubs exist at GBS that will allow students to explore their passions outside of the classroom. These are open to all students.

What are the benefits of being part of this community?

If you are considering a possible future career in an engineering or related field, the SELC will provide an opportunity for you to see how the questions that scientists ask can lead to the solutions that engineers design. You will use your mathematical and technological skills to arrive at such solutions. In addition, opportunities through field experiences, getting to know and work with real engineers and scientists, being part of a team that is working to apply what you learn in the classroom to real life projects, and programs addressing career opportunities in STEM fields will be provided.

Can I be in the Science & Engineering Learning Community and Academy of International Studies?

Students will need to select either the Science & Engineering Learning Community or Academy of International Studies. Both programs are integrated and rigorous academic pathways for students seeking academic challenge and unique learning experiences, and the scheduling challenges of being in both programs is extremely burdensome. The areas of study in the Academy and SELC offer different paths and we encourage you to follow your strongest area of passion and interest as you prepare for college and career.